A Detailed Look at Laser Cutting Machines: Types, Primary Operations, and a Lot More!

A Detailed Look at Laser Cutting Machines: Types, Primary Operations, and a Lot More!

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Initially developed in the early 1960s, laser cutting technology still remains relatively new in the present times. Industrial manufacturers worldwide are using fiber laser cutting machines today mainly because these machines are highly flexible and efficient in terms of cutting materials. Fiber laser cutting machines are mainly known for their efficiency, precision, reduced effects of heat on the workpiece, and the capability to cut material without actually touching its surface.

Fiber laser cutting machines are new energy-efficient and environment-friendly laser cutting machines with great precision and efficiency. Today numerous companies are specializing in Fiber laser cutting machines. However, most manufacturers opt for the Trumpf Fiber laser cutting machines as they are known to provide the required support to all their customers.

Types of lasers Used for Cutting

Fiber laser cutting machines are a relatively new type of laser cutting machine that generates light through a fiber laser generator. The high-power laser beam shot through the machine is powerful enough to melt or even gasify the portion where the beam touches. Operators can adjust the position of the laser beam to give the workpiece the required shape and size.

Ever wondered if there is more than one type of laser beam? Well, the answer is yes, there are mainly three different types of lasers used to cut through the workpieces. Here is a brief explanation of these lasers.

Crystal Lasers: This process uses lasers made from crystals such as neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate (nd: YVO) and neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (nd: YAG). These crystals enable powerful cutting as they are a part of the solid-state group. Furthermore, this laser can be used to cut through both metal and non-metal materials. However, one disadvantage of crystal laser machines is that they are very expensive compared to other CNC machines for sale.

Gaseous Lasers: Also known as CO2 laser cutting, this laser cutting technique mixes the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to achieve the best outcomes. First invented in 1964, this mixture of carbon dioxide and the laser is stimulated with the help of electricity. This technique is well suitable for cutting through both metal and non-metal materials.

Fiber Lasers: The star of the show here is the fiber laser, as these lasers provide manufacturers with longer services than the other two lasers. The parts of fiber laser cutting machines are not very expensive, and these machines do not require as much maintenance as the other lasers.

How does Fiber Laser Technology Work in Favor of its Users?

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to simplify their operations and enhance the productivity of the machines involved. Fiber laser cutting machines come with a simple design making them easy to manage and operate. The simplistic design of the machines helps a great deal in minimizing the chances of errors and reducing wastages of material, time, and labor. Trumpf laser cutting machines, like any other laser cutting machines, are perfectly suitable for cutting workpieces into different shapes and sizes.

Fiber laser cutting machines are equipped with capabilities that enable operators to carry out complex cuts with great precision and accuracy. The laser beaming out of the machine is very well suited to cut out workpieces cleanly and efficiently with little to no intervention from the operator. The best part about these machines is that even the used CNC machines provide the same level of precision, resulting in minimal wastage of materials.

The Primary Components of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber laser cutting machine comprises various components that need to function adequately to function properly. Here is a list of six main components responsible for the smooth functioning of a fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser: The fiber laser is one of the most important and expensive components of a fiber laser cutting machine as it enables the machine to point the laser beam with perfect precision. Therefore, it is highly recommended to pay special attention while replacing or buying a new fiber laser cutter.

CNC system: The CNC system is the component used to control the machine’s operations. The job of this component is to control the movement of all the exes as well as the output power of the laser. The quality of the CNC system determines the stability of the operational performance of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Bed frame: This is the main structure of the fiber laser cutting machine, which is essential for the machine to function properly. Anything wrong with the bed frame can have a direct adverse effect on the life and efficiency of the machine.

Laser head: This component is responsible for emitting the powerful laser beam to cut the workpiece and give it a desired shape and structure. The laser head constitutes other smaller components such as the focusing lens, sensor, nozzle, focusing mirror, and control system. Furthermore, the shape of the nozzle and the flow field generated from it is essential for the machine to function seamlessly.

Motor: The motor of the fiber laser cutting machine is responsible for regulating the machine’s motion. Under normal circumstances, there are two different types of motor used in a fiber laser cutting machine, namely servo motor and stepping. Therefore, one must configure the most suitable motor based on the industry and the operations carried out through the machine.

Laser lens: The lens is vital for enabling high-precision cutting of the workpiece as it directly outputs the laser. It is important to select the right lens for the fiber laser cutting machine as it may otherwise cause a lot of damage to the machine in both the short term and long term.


Laser cutting has become very prevalent among industrial manufacturers in the past few years. With such a wide range of applications, these machines are being used by almost every industry for one purpose or the other. Starting from the automobile to aviation to the manufacturing industry, everyone seems to benefit from the precision and accuracy offered by these machines.

Furthermore, these machines are not as expensive as one might think of them to be. Nevertheless, manufacturers who are new in the field and wish to start their operations can check out the used Trumpf laser for sale. The manufacturers need not worry about the quality of these machines as they are well tested before going up for sale.

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