Holiday Centerpieces And Arrangements At Lynch Creek Farm

Holiday Centerpieces And Arrangements At Lynch Creek Farm

Lynch Creek Farm

You can’t deny the best part of the holiday season is decorating your house in festive home decor. Holiday decorating means Christmas decorations get brought out, including Christmas trees, lights, sprigs of holly, Mr. Snowman, of course, and the most beautiful garlands and holiday centerpieces that make their way across our homes as table decorations for the perfect tablescape or on our doors to welcome guests in. No one knows Christmas decor and fresh greenery centerpieces quite like Lynch Creek Farm. Located in Washington State and sitting on 10 acres of farmland, Lynch Creek Farm is home to some of the most beautiful and natural holiday décor, including trees, garlands, swags, wreaths, and Fall and Christmas centerpieces. 

Sustainable Holiday Decorations

For over 30 years now, this family-run farm has serviced many people locally and out of state. They sustainably source all of their evergreen materials from the forest and farm and create gorgeous handmade holiday garland arrangements to bring in the holiday cheer every season. Their beautiful Christmas and Fall candle centerpieces are holiday favorites each year and are versatile in style to accommodate different customer needs and festivities. They don’t have to be table centerpieces for Christmas dinner either; they can easily be hung above a fireplace, on our doors, and even on trees, depending on what holiday or Christmas arrangement you purchase. 

Versatile Arrangement and Centerpiece Ideas

These centerpieces mimic the same organic and natural feeling you get in the summer or springtime when you bring out your magnolia, tulip, or fresh flower arrangements; it’s a chance to bring in a breath of fresh air to your home. These centerpieces are not only created for your Christmas table or your holiday dinner surrounded by place settings and a table runner; they are also created to welcome Autumn and help ring in the new year, too, at the dining room table. Their Sunflower Market centerpiece is the perfect arrangement to welcome the start of the holidays.

This centerpiece consists of fresh pine, salal, and gold, burgundy, or red berries sitting in a wooden sunflower box, giving you the feel of a rustic Christmas with the look of a floral centerpiece. If you want to celebrate new beginnings with the mark of the new year, your best option for arrangements is the Gilded New Year. This centerpiece uses a golden basket to hold everything, including an elegant black velvet bow, gold stars, shiny gold balls, gold berry clusters, and Australian pinecones. It is the perfect arrangement to add a little sparkle to the end of the year and celebrate all the good things to come in the next.

Arrangements for Every person in the Family  

The best part about these centerpieces is how customizable they are. You can find many ways to DIY these arrangements on your tabletop with elements like tea lights, cranberries, candy canes, pillar candles, or candlesticks. There are many options to choose from on the website, and if you’re looking for a little variety that’ll bring joy to everyone in the family, both adults and kids, Lynch Creek Farm has it all. Arrangements can come in many baskets and bottoms, including a metal red and white watering can, a Christmas mug, a red truck, a sleigh, a red metal star container, and can have candle holders with candlesticks, and even a Santa Clause.

You can bring out your glass vase to use as a placeholder to add a little more elegance to the room too. If you’re looking to stay neutral this holiday season and want to celebrate a white Christmas or adorable baby animals, their Arctic Adventure arrangement features two fluffy baby polar bears sitting next to a glass LED ornament with snowflakes on it. It also includes aqua blue ball ornaments, frosted pinecones, and silver berries. You can either gift it to an animal or nature lover or use it to bring an arctic glow to your own home. These festive holiday arrangements typically last for upwards of 3 weeks if you wanted or mist them every 2/3 days. 

Lynch Creek Farms has got you covered if you’re looking to add charming Xmas décor and a festive focal point to your home this holiday season. The lush greenery and joyful arrangements are sure to glam up your holiday table and delight any visitor coming to your home to gather around the dinner table and celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the beginning of a new and exciting year.

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