Top Alternatives of Google Search You Can Use

Alternatives of Google Search

If you are a regular Google user, you will notice some changes in its algorithms. In these changes, some are good and some are bad. Google is the world’s most famous search engine because it has the best market share in the US. Google is also showing its dominance in other parts of the world too. The global market share of Google is 91.38%. There is no sign of changing its dominance in the world of search engines. Almost 70,000 searches are made on Google in each second. The daily searches on Google are 5 billion. On the other hand, yearly searches on Google are 2 trillion. Google is tracking the data of the users to show advertisements. That’s why some people don’t like to search for anything on Google. Here, we will discuss top alternatives to the Google search engine that you can use.


After Google, Bing is the most famous search engine in the world. It is the product of Microsoft. Bing is also securing a good hold in the online market. To provide a better user experience, it is offering lots of features for the users. You can find the same keywords on Bing just like on Google. The users can use this search engine for various purposes. For example, they can use it to search for keywords. It is also the best search engine to find videos, images and other products. Just like Google, it is also offering the webmaster tools. By using its webmaster tools, you can send a request for indexing. If you want to search the videos with better thumbnails, you can also use this search engine. The market share of Bing is almost 2.69%.


Yahoo is also the best alternative to the Google search engine. In terms of the market share, it is in the third position. The market share of this search engine is 1.46%. David Filo and Jerry Yang had developed this search in 1994. It was the best search engine in the 90s. After that, this search engine has to face lots of problems. That’s why Google and Bing search engines are enjoying a better market share than Yahoo. Anyhow, it is still providing lots of features that make it the best alternative to Google. Along with using it as a search engine, you can also use it’s some other products like finance, email and Yahoo Answers. The most important benefit of this search engine is that you can get more information about the topics.


It is the best alternative to Google search in China. Its reason is that Google and its products don’t work in China. That’s why, if you want to search for anything in China, you will have to use Baidu. When you will use this search engine, you will find a similar interface to Google. The Baidu search engine has to face some strict laws in China. That’s why, if you want to get extensive information about the topics, it is not the best choice for you. Some people want to drive traffic from China on their websites. They should optimize content for the Baidu instead of Google. Anyhow, the market share of Baidu is almost 1.36%.


It is the Russian based search engine and it is at number 4 based on the market share. The market share of this search engine is 1%. That’s why you can also use Yandex as an alternative to the Google search engine. It is not just a search engine because it is also offering lots of other services. In these services, there come transportation, online advertisements and eCommerce etc. Just like Google, Yandex is also offering its web browsers to users. When we compare the features of Google and Yandex, we will know that it is just similar to Google. The only advantage of this search engine over Google is that it operates well in Russia. Almost 56% of the people in Russia use this search engine to find the information.


As recommended by a dissertation help firm, if you are looking for the best private Google search alternate search engine, DuckDuckGo is the best choice for you. The most important benefit of this search engine is that it is securing the privacy of the searchers. Gabriel Weinberg has introduced this search engine in 2008. It is showing the information to the users from 40 different sources. To show the information to the users, it is using its crawlers. This search engine has also partnered with Bing. Other search engines are using filter bubbles. It means that they show the best information to the users based on their previous search history. Another important feature of this search engine is that it is not using filter bubbles. It means that you will not get search results based on your previous history. The market share of this search engine is almost 0.6%.


It is also one of the best alternatives to Google search that you can use without compromising on your privacy. Its reason is that the developers have developed this search engine by keeping in mind privacy. It is enhancing the privacy of the users in various ways. First, it is not tracking the IP addresses of the users. Secondly, this search engine is not using cookies to monitor the search behaviour of the users. Thirdly, it is bringing the search results from Google. It means that if you want to get the best results without compromising on your privacy, StartPage is the best choice for you. That’s why, when you will use this search engine to find the information, you don’t need to worry about the irrelevant information. You will also find the proxy service on this search engine.

Along with these search engines, the users can also use Ecosia and Swisscows search engines as alternatives to the Google search engine. By using these search engines, you can also find out the best results to your keywords. To enhance the search results for the users, they are also using their algorithms.

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