Top 10 Places To Visit Kasol

Top 10 Places To Visit Kasol

Places To Visit Kasol

You’ll find a hamlet in Kullu, which nature has blessed Kasol, on your way to Manikaran from Bhuntar, or vice versa. This small town is closer to Manikaran and, thanks to the different trekking trails and stunning views, is a backpacker’s paradise.

The village is known as ‘Mini Israel in India’ because many Israelis visit Himachal Pradesh. The village is known as ‘the Mini Israel of India.’ Your time in Kasol will not go unproductive with a number of places to visit.

Snowfall starts here in late December and runs until February. In general, the humid subtropical climate remains here. If you’re curious and excited to learn more about this place, scroll!

1. Parvati River

The Parvati Valley completes the entire picture of Kasol with the perennial Parvati River. The River enhances the panoramic appearance of the village. The river is so important in this town that it is the ideal tourist attraction. If you see the river flowing and hearing the burble of this river, you will simply reach peace. The flow of this river is quite quick, so it is not possible to practice any adventurous activity.

2. Tosh Village

Tosh is also a small village situated 20 kilometers from Kasol, at a height of 2400 meters over the sea, along the banks of the Tosh River. The culture of this village will certainly draw those travelers with a hippie’s soul. The spectacular views are just one of the highlights in this location during your journey to Kasol.

3. Kheer Ganga

Kheer Ganga, the last town populated by people that you’ll encounter as you walk through Pin-Parvati pass in the area where Parvati Valley ends. The whole view just robs your heart and you want to linger a little longer. Your eyes will enjoy the lush greenery under the big blue sky in the beautiful mountains. The village is the base for the trek of Kheer Ganga and Pin Parvati.

4. Tirthan Valley

You will have to travel 60 km from Kasol, which will be worth it completely, to enter the valley. This valley is considered to be one of Kasol’s remote places and is certainly going to help you to find refuge. A day trip to this valley is all it takes to make your journey incredible.

5. Manikaran

This is the perfect location for those who seek spiritual illumination in the midst of mountainous beauty. Guru Nanak, who visited the Gurudwara here Manikaran Sahib one day, is regarded to be the most honorable and respectful place in the vicinity of Kasol. As it is only 4.3 km from the village of Kasol, it is a must add to your path.

6. Chalal Village

This town is also popular for Israeli culture. It is also known. Staying for a day in this village is a major addition to your holiday in Kasol, as you want to lose sight of it. This is the perfect spot for the explorers, as you have the opportunity to trek up here to enjoy the beautiful views that make this whole adventure worthwhile.

7. Naggar Village

This specific town is among the untouched, offbeat spots in the Kasol hamlet. From Kasol to Naggar you can take about 2 hours and see some of the most surprising views along the road. As you explore this village, you should not forget to visit some of the major attractions of the village – the castle of Naggar and the temple of the Gauri Shankar.

8. Rasol

The village of Rasol has only a few residents at an altitude of 10,000 meters above sea level. Like Kasol, the backpackers who want to explore the numerous corners of the place visit this village. The residents here are very welcome and one of the strangest things you can discover is that every second person here spins wool.

9. Nature Park

A nice and quiet place to relax in the morning or at night is one of the finest sites to visit in the Natural Park of Kasol. In conjugation with the tranquil landscape and normal rocks, the Parvati River flows through the park and you get a feeling of a Himachal holiday. The park is bordered by pine trees that make room for walks and walks.

10. Hot Water Springs

The hot waters of Manikaran are situated on the banks of the Parvati River at a total distance of 1,2 km. The initial water is very warm so it is kept for a while in a pool so that it is safe for use. The water is supposed to contain therapeutic features, and a dip is intended to help you deal with the problems. Be that as it may, the best things to do in Kasol may be to sink into warm waters in winter.

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